Frontend/JS Weekly Digest (26 января — 1 февраля)

4 февраля 2015
Александр Суевалов, JavaScript Developer

Hey, we would like to announce new weekly digest about Front-end technologies and JavaScript.

Hope, you’ll find it useful.



React Native: For Building Native Mobile Apps with React
React.js Conf has been taking place this week and one of the biggest reveals was ‘React Native’, a technology for building native iOS and Android apps with React. There’s also a second keynote that takes a deeper dive.

React in 7 Minutes [video]
In a whirlwind screencast tour, John Lindquist demonstrates building a simple app in 7 minutes.

Riot.js, a 2.5kb user interface library, aims to be a competitor to React but with a lightweight approach.

Introducing Aurelia: A Next Generation JavaScript Client Framework
One of the core members of Angular team left the project to work on his own framework; Aurelia is the result. Highly modular, written in ES6, no external dependencies, and with long term support and stability as a goal.

Elevator Saga: A JavaScript Elevator Programming Game
An online programming game where you have to program an elevator system to transport people around a building. Be warned, this may steal an hour of your day.

A Journey Through Client-Side Testing with JavaScript
A look at the tools and processes involved in testing client-side JavaScriptcode. Covers things like Karma, DalekJS, PhantomJS, and Atomus.